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Yup. It’s just me. Kate Sherwood, Cate Cameron, Catherine Dale… and probably a few new names, eventually. They’re all one person.

One person who’s lucky enough to get to live a bunch of extra lives through the characters in her books, and who’s trying desperately to keep all the lives organized into some sort of categories… so each name writes a different type of story.

But really, beneath the genre categories? They’re all me. All the stories will have some kind of humour, even in the darkest times. They’ll all show characters who are far from perfect, but who are trying to be better. And most of them will have animals–wild or tame, large or small–because I truly believe animals bring out the best in people (as well as the worst, unfortunately), and I want my characters to be at their best.

Basic bio stuff? I live in Ontario, Canada’s “Cottage Country”–the water-filled world north of Toronto and the rest of the cities, the land where summers are crowded with visitors and winters are snowy and isolated. I love it here. Not that I don’t sometimes miss the city, but it’s not that far away–I can always visit when I want to. I work full time at a non-writing job but would love to shift into a more writing-centred life. There’s a five-year-plan. It might work.

I’m trying to consolidate my online presence, so hopefully I’ll be doing more on this site and just redirecting visitors to other sites here. We’ll see how that goes!

If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached at manybooklives at

If you’re more of a publisher type, my agent is Andrea Somberg, andrea at

Or you can try out the form below, and we’ll see if it works!

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy sharing my extra lives with me!