Cate Cameron’s Book Lives

Cate Cameron is a fairly new pseudonym for me. Under this name I explore lives of men and women, young and old, finding love and hopefully having some fun along the way.


The Books:


This series is light and fluffy YA romance, following the lives and loves of the Corrigan Falls Raiders, a fictional OHL team, and the girls they fall in love with. Breakaway is coming in 2017 – August, hopefully!


Lake Sullivan, Vermont – when city women come to the country, they find themselves attracted to more than just nature…


Shining Armor by [Cameron, Cate]This is one of my earliest m/f efforts, originally published under the Kate Sherwood name (back when the universe was in chaos and there were no classifications or order!). It’s been re-issued, now, under the proper name, and I can finally cross one aggravation off my list…

Twelve years ago, Mark McCormick escaped an abusive home and a town that had turned on him. Now he’s back for Meg, the sister he left behind.

She’s been seriously injured in a car accident, and somebody needs to look after her small children and struggling business. Tara Hudson is an expert on the kids and the business; she could make things easy for Mark, if only she didn’t hate him.

Forced to work together, Mark and Tara become a team, and then something more. But there’s still a lot of anger and distrust between them. Mark was hurt when Tara’s family, along with everyone else, believed the worst of him twelve years earlier. And Tara still carries the pain of his departure; he’d been her first crush, maybe even her first love, and she’d felt betrayed when he left without a backwards glance. They could be something special, now, but only if they’re both able to let go of the past. Can they shed the armor that’s keeping them from truly loving each other?